Boris Ondrei─Źka (*1969)
Just a Spit of Dew (Putrefaction and Dew), 1993

installation, object ÔÇô mechanical waxworks, 61 x 52.5 x 19 cm

Nihil (Putrefaction and Dew), 1993

installation, variable dimensions
acquired by purchasing from the author in 1993

Ondrei─Źka belongs to generation of authors that emerged during the first half of the nineties. His work presents another approach to the contemporary installation and object art, characterized by accumulation of forms that mix high art and kitsch, often featuring banal everyday objects (readymades) of anti-aesthetic nature that intentionally substitutes traditional art forms. The hybridity of Ondrei─Źka’s installations reflects the particular hybridities of the era and its equivocal values. An apt provocation of the conservative and stale art forms, the works utilize elements of subculture visuals, punk, and comics. The installations were created in-situ at the attic of the gallery for the exhibition The Secret (Museum of Art ┼Żilina, 1993), focused on various forms of site-specific installations. Both works are based on appropriation and utilization of common realities that the author transforms to different, even occult contexts by his artistic interventions.