Anton ─îierny (*1963)
The Holy Communion/For Jozef T., 2006

Object, chipboard, paint, 160 x 140 x 60 cm, video, color, sound, 2┬┤20┬┤┬┤
Acquired by purchasing from the author in 2012 (grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic)

The work was created for the exhibition Pantheon ÔÇô Heroes/Anti-Monuments (2006, Medium Gallery, Bratislava), and then presented at the exhibition IN(TER)MEDIA(S)RES at the Museum of Art ┼Żilina. It stems from the author’s earlier works, characterized by exploration of the environment, to which the author has mostly personal ties. Ideological precursors of this work are his earlier pieces dealing with the theme of identity associated with family and on a larger scale with birthplace, extending the authorÔÇśs reflection towards broader historical and social context associated with a particular area.

The work The Holy Communion/For Jozef T. connects the authorÔÇÖs bond to his birthplace, mediated through a relevant historical reality. The scale object shows a location of the church in B├ínovce nad Bebravou, where Jozef Tiso served masses (nearby the authorÔÇÖs birthplace). The author’s “transmission” into the priest and president of the Slovak Republic commemorates the (still present) ambiguous perceptions and interpretations of TisoÔÇÖs actions as part of our history. Through his artwork, the artist communicates not only a┬ápersonal relation to the location (his birthplace), but also highlights the importance of individual and collective memory that shape the memory of place.