Denisa Lehocká (*1971)
Untitled, 1996

installation, variable dimensions
acquired by purchasing from the author in 1996

The installation was created for the exhibition space of the Museum of Art ┼Żilina within the curatorial project┬áParadigm Woman┬áin 1996. It was the first project that responded to the distinctive emergence of female artists┬áwho worked within the intents┬áof postfeminism, aiming to highlight the different nuances of its expressive means.

The language of the author, who primarily creates installations and objects, defines the principle of abstraction, emphasizing the semantics of the words she chooses. The theme of her works in the nineties revolved around everyday private situations that Lehocká embodied in the form of visual diaries. This principle is also the basis of the presented installation Untitled. The laminated drawings depicting the intimacy of a couple are complemented by authentic and artificial objects that refer to the corporeality of the protagonists in different situations, capturing their relationship. The intimacy of privacy is highlighted even further by the use flesh and pink tones along with terrycloth fabric.