Pavl├şna Fichta ─îierna (*1967)
Arrangement, 2001

video, color, sound, 8┬┤5┬┤┬┤
acquired by purchasing from the author in 2001

The video of the author was premiered at the curatorial project (in)time┬áin the Museum of Art ┼Żilina in 2001, which challenged the participating artists to share their personal secrets. The project featured female authors dealing with intermedia and video art, whose works debated gender issues and followed the line of postfeminism art that was more distinctively apparent for the first time in the nineties. In addition to the introspective character typical for every artistic expression, the exhibited works responded to the issue of presenting the body, corporeality, its display, and concerned with the matters of identity (and gender).

The video captures the approximately eight-minute performance of ─îierna, who reflects her experiences through her body ÔÇô by hand movements with colourful sponges. In addition to references to corporeality and motherhood, the work also provides a┬ámore universal interpretation through the symbolism of the seven colours of the sponges as the seven chakras.